Tips for creating cozy living rooms

When winter arrives, the living room is one of the rooms in our home where we spend most of our time. That’s why we must transform it into a welcoming place that provides us with tranquillity and well-being.

To create intimate spaces that make us enjoy our home without complications, at Porcelanicos HDC we give you a series of tips to decorate and design warm spaces with functional and comfortable collections.

Tips to bring warmth to the living room

Choosing warm tones, in the beige to ochre range, and also browns and earth tones for the wall and floor tiles in our living room, is a good option for our rooms to evoke nature. The choice of this color range give warmth materials that may look cold at first, such as marble or stone. Within this color palette we can find a multitude of designs, including wood-effect ceramic, marble-look porcelain or tiles inspired by natural stone. These are some of the materials that give the space neutrality, warmth, intimacy and comfort.

To give the living room a contemporary and more up-to-date look, we can combine the warm color palette with decorative elements in black or white.

Resistance, low maintenance and easy cleaning are the qualities that users look for in a living room. Many of the Porcelanicos HDC’s collections meet these requirements, but among them we highlight the Vanguard series. Which is an intimate and elegant collection that designs contemporary spaces with a skilful combination of comfort and elegance. In addition, is a full-body porcelain, with a natural and lapatto finish. All this makes porcelain stoneware comparable to natural stone.

Rooms that seek a minimalist style can achieve it by choosing grayish tones for the flooring, furniture and accessories that give the space neutrality. Also, filling the couch with pillows will allow you to go without any other decorative elements that will give a simple and minimal style.

The Valdiviana or Guayaba collections are two of the series that work the most to turn the living room into a refuge where you can disconnect from everything. From the warmth transmitted by its colors and the grain of natural wood, the advantages of porcelain are many: resistance to high temperatures, fire and continuous wear, minimal maintenance and non-slip surface. Wood-inspired floors can be combined with plain colors which allow us to play with depth. All this will give a touch of simplicity to the the living room decor.

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