Ceramic trends 2024

Through the years, ceramic trends have evolved experimenting a big and continuous change. Technological advances allow manufacturing larger sizes while at the same time, design has improved with the digital printing technology.

From Porcelánicos HDC we introduce you the mainstreaming decorative and graphic lines for ceramic surfaces for 2024:

Full color designs

Without doubt, one of the most observed aesthetics for ceramics in 2024 are the designs that incorporate a great color explosion where the main goa lis to transmit emotional wellness. A fashion that i son its way to be incorporated on a large number of spaces during this year.

Our Fantasy collection is a perfect option aesthetically for bathroom trends in 2024.

This trend relies on offering a feeling of wellness with comforting ceramic textures and luminous colours to connect with our inner emotions, offering one of the main kitchen trends for 2024

Natural inspiration materials will still be very present in ceramics although with patterns and textures highly detailed and innovative, becoming the latest trend in master bedroom wall decoration. 

Luxurious interiors

This trend aims to recreate luxury spaces through materials full of design, brightness and sophisticated colours. Porcelánicos HDC introduces this 2024 new ranges perfect for achieving marble looking trendy bathrooms becoming sophisticated spaces with a futuristic glamour. 

If you want to be updated with the newest ceramic tile trends for 2024, do not miss any of our ranges and follow us on social media for the latest news.  

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