Ceramic tiles for fireplaces by Porcelánicos HDC

Besides warming homes, fireplaces have become a decorative elemennt that brings both carácter and a touch of distinction to living rooms. Porcelánicos HDC ceramic tiles for fireplace go beyond known limitatioons as a simple stone looking decoration and become trendy elements for any style living room.

Advantages of a ceramic tile covered fireplace

Fireplace tiles have zero dilatation and deformity to termal exposition, besides being fireproof. A ceramic tile covered fireplace is easy to clean, timeless and resistant to scratching, all of them features are met by our tiles.

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Types of ceramic tiles for fireplace

Fireplace coverings are an important factor to be accounted for since it will help us measuring the energetic efficiency and the fuel consumption. There are different types or covering materials for fireplaces, such as metal, wood, paint, concrete and ceramic tiles. 

Obviously, as experts in construction elements, are our porcelain tiles for fireplace because of all advantages of porcelain. Here you can see the different types of product we have to offer:

The selection of this kind of coverings for fireplaces is for people who want a traditional touch in the room. Its main features are warmth, naturality and the inherent elegant and timeless look of stone.

Fireplace tiles inspired in natural Wood, which are one of the most warm and sustainable choices to decorate your home. Because of its timeless carácter and design, they are the perfect complement for rustic, nordic and mediterranean style living rooms. 

Our concrete looking ranges make fireplaces warm spaces without losing its architectural essence, creating contemporary style fireplaces which are perfect for industrial, minimalist or modern style spaces.

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