Tile and floor trends for kitchens with Porcelánicos HDC

Integral kitchen designs with tiles have been a trend for years, merging the kitchen with the space that surrounds it, achieving customized projects with a high level design while not forgetting functionality.

At Porcelánicos HDC we are up to date on kitchen trends 2024, and after the success of kitchen trends 2022 and 2023, we have a wide range of collections with multiple finishes for your kitchen walls and floors. The capacity offered by ceramics is infinite, let your imagination fly and get your own unique project. 

Here you are some ideas and trends, stay with us and take your notes!

1. Bright kitchens 

White kitchen tiles are a classical trend that remains ageless, giving our kitchen a lot of light. Glossy white kitchen tiles combined with some colour elements can offer you spaces highly stylish and elegant interiors.

2. Minimalist kitchens

Elegance is also embedded on our kitchens, prioritizing single colors and their shades with porcelain tiles for kitchens, perfect for minimalist and industrial style kitchens

3. Mediterranean style kitchens

This kind of kitchen is characterized by its strong link with color, offering shades and shapes close to nature, in perfect symbiosis with white kitchen tiles.

4. Traditional modern kitchens

If you are thinking about including natural elements in your kitchen, the natural stone looks of HDC Porcelain Tiles are one of the best solutions easily available for you, combining all the advantages that kitchen tiles and floors offerwhile also achieving modern kitchen designs with tiles.

– Follow your own style: Following the style with which you identify and feel comfortable is paramount since we spend much of our time at home in the kitchen.


-Cleaning: The kitchen is one of the spaces in the house where more dirt is created, it is very important to choose an easy-to-clean material to cover it. 

Ceramic tiles and floors for kitchens are among the best options in the market due to their low porosity and high resistance.


Storage: Having a lot of storage space in a kitchen is very important. Through integral kitchen designs with tiles, we can achieve room optimization because of the great project adaptability.


 –Lighting: Having good illumination in your kitchen is essential. The chosen materials and colour will help us achieve a feeling of greater amplitude, which is why white kitchen tiles and gray kitchen tiles are a good option for small spaces

Get to know all the collections that we offer at HDC Porcelain Tiles, and let your imagination run wild in the design of your kitchen.

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