Cleaning and maintenance of ceramic tiles

Cleaning ceramic tiles on many occasions is not an easy task, although necessary and extremely important, not only on an aesthetic level, but also to maintain its qualities and prevent it from damage over the years. Therefore, it’s very important to know well how to care for ceramic tiles for a good finish.

To have an optimal maintenance of our ceramic tiles once installed, there is a wide variety of products for cleaning (hot water, cloths or sponges, mops, or organic solvents etc …), all of which we must choose depending on the level of dirt, or the technical specifications of said tile.

Final cleaning of work

The first cleaning of the ceramic floor and wall tiles after instalment is very important, since poor or late removal of residues and, in general, dirt from the work, can lead to a poor final result.
Manufacturers’ instructions should always be followed, in the case of specific cleansers, and the use of hydrochloric acids should be avoided.

Instructions for the use of cleaning products for ceramic flooring and cladding

For the use of cleaning products on ceramic tiles, the following instructions should be considered:
1. Cleaning should be done when the grouting material has completely dried and hardened.
2. We should never cleanse with acid on a newly installed floor, as this can damage the joints.
3. Said cleaning can also be done with the help of specific machinery, or with a manual brush with hot water.
4. It is advisable to impregnate the surface of ceramic tiles with clean water prior to chemical cleansing, to reduce the absorption of these products by the grouting materials.

Daily cleaning

Ceramic floor and wall tiles have very simple daily cleaning and maintenance, being one of their greatest advantages, as clean water with an Alkaline-based detergent, or a neutral detergent is enough.

The use of oil-based detergents, or waxes should be avoided, as the porosity of the surface can vary, thus causing a greater incrustation of dirt, while reducing the non-slip properties of the floor.

If we find stains that cannot be removed with one of the aforementioned detergent, we can use another product such as specific solvents or cleansers, therefore, we must take special care with the technical specifications of the product. It is recommended to do a previous test in a non-visible area to see how the surface of the ceramic tile reacts.

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