But ceramic...
is a safe choice.

Not susceptible to deterioration or thermal expansion

Choose ceramic tile to avoid surface deterioration or deformation in areas subject to high temperatures. Ceramic is heat resistant.

Ceramic tile is also the ideal material for paved outdoor areas exposed to direct sunlight. It does not lose its shape or flatness, even when subjected to intense heat.

Not all surfaces are able to withstand heat. Materials containing plastic will change their shape and appearance. Ceramic tile is heat resistant and retains its original appearance wherever it is installed.

Ceramic is a safe and functional material for your kitchen countertop or walls. The high temperatures created by a hot hob do not cause the surface to warp or deform.

High temperatures are an essential part of the ceramic production process. How could ceramic tile not withstand high temperatures considering that it is fired at 1200°C?

Scratch resistant

Free from scratches and signs of wear and tear, ceramic tile looks as good as new even after many years of use. It is highly durable and maintains its beauty over the years.

You may be tempted by a new, more modern or fashionable ceramic floor, but when you examine the existing tiling in your home you’ll appreciate just how beautiful and unworn it still is. Ceramic tile is long lasting.

Many flooring materials show their age, and sometimes a moment’s distraction is all it takes to ruin them. But ceramic tile is highly resistant to scratching, scuffing and accidents.

You don’t have to be particularly careful with a ceramic tiled floor. Ceramic is very durable and much less delicate than other materials, retaining its original beauty even after many years of use.

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To minimise fire risk, choose ceramic tile: it is flame resistant. Sparks and hot liquids have no impact on ceramic surfaces.

Ceramic tile does not burn or propagate fire. Choose it for the safety of your home.

With some flooring materials a spark can prove fatal. But not with ceramic, which is non-flammable.

Some surfaces can be damaged by fire and create a potential hazard. But ceramic is non flammable.

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No toxic fumes

Ceramic does not give off toxic fumes in the event of fire. The reason is simple: it doesn’t burn and it doesn’t contain plastics.

Unlike other floor and wall covering materials which burn and release toxic substances, ceramic tile is non-flammable.

Choose ceramic for your kitchen surfaces. It’s practical and safe, resistant to fire and heat and doesn’t give off harmful substances.

Some materials don’t release hazardous substances as long as they don’t burn. With ceramic tiles there’s no question: it simply doesn’t burn.


Properly installed ceramic tiling is stable and durable with a low trip risk. Choose safety without sacrificing aesthetics. A well laid ceramic floor offers numerous advantages in terms of beauty, durability and cost. Don’t underestimate the importance of professional installation if you want to enjoy the unique advantages of ceramic tiling.

Proper installation is the guarantee of a stable, long-lasting floor. If properly installed, ceramic tiling won’t need to be replaced frequently and it won’t deteriorate or lift.

With ceramic tile, it’s up to you to decide when you want to change your flooring. Thanks to its durability and resistance, you can choose to replace a ceramic tiled floor for aesthetic reasons before it becomes worn or unstable.

Some floors simply cannot be installed with a high degree of precision, which means that dirt can enter. Ceramic tile guarantees beauty and perfection combined with hygiene and safety.


If you care about the environment, choose ceramic tile. It’s recyclable and any waste material can be fed back into the production cycle.

Ceramic tile does not contain plastic and is easy to recycle. Think of the future, choose ceramic.

Ceramic tile is made from clay and water, natural elements that originate from the environment and are recyclable.

Some flooring materials are difficult to dispose of and require complicated processes to recycle them. Choose the simplicity and safety of ceramic tile.