Non-slip porcelain tile for swimming pools? Yes, 10 reasons for you to decide now

Pools are a special part of your project and choosing the type of covering for its construction is very important. With more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of outdoor ceramics, at Porcelanicos HDC, compared to other materials, we recommend porcelain stoneware for your pool. This magnificent choice will make your pool become your home’s star area during the summer, as well as being able to enjoy easy and adequate maintenance the rest of the year. In this article you’ll find out the10 reasons that will make you decide on porcelain stoneware. Keep reading! from Porcelanicos HDC. We tell you everything!

10 reasons to choose porcelain stoneware in your pool

The pool is the natural extension of the terraces and outdoor life. Immerse yourself in our recommendations and get a pool with its own style that offers you as well the maximum guarantee of safety and hygiene.

Next, we’ll tell you the 10 reasons why  non-slip porcelain tile for swimming pools are the best material for swimming pools.

1) Porcelain tiles, the most resistant material

Porcelain tiles do not alter when in contact with water and humidity. It’s resistant to climatic changes, withstands cold, frost and large changes in temperature. Resists the use of chemicals. Once placed, you’ll only care about enjoying it.

2) The safety of non-slip porcelain tiles for swimming pools

All of our floorings for terraces, swimming pools and pool surroundings are specifically developed to prevent slipping and offer maximum safety. These non-slip properties won’t lessen over time and are very easy to clean.

3) Porcelain tiles are unalterable over time

Porcelain tiles don’t lose properties over time. They are highly resistant, don’t wear out, nor lose color. A material for a lifetime that will always keep your pool as the first day.

4) Outdoor porcelain tiles are fire retardant

Porcelain tiles for exteriors won’t burn, and in case of fire it won’t emit harmful substances, neither for people nor for the environment.

5) Porcelain tiles are a very clean material

When deciding the material for building our pools we must think about its maintenance. Non-slip porcelain tile for swimming pools will give you peace of mind, since it is a material that practically does not need maintenance and is very clean. Since it practically does not stain. It’s a relief!

6) It is waterproof and hygienic

The waterproof and hygienic nature of porcelain tiles prevents moisture from penetrating, preventing the proliferation of germs and fungus

7) Versatility

Porcelain tiles for outdoor use by Porcelanicos HDC is a material that adapts perfectly to the needs and preferences of each style. Its technical properties make it the most suitable material both for the interior of the pool and for its surroundings.

8) Porcelain tiles are a sustainable material

At Porcelanicos HDC, we know how important it is care for the environment, for this reason our recommendation is to implement non-slip porcelain tile for swimming pools, thereby minimizing the risks of aggression on the environment, since porcelain stoneware for swimming pools has a very long life cycle.

9) Show your personal style

At Porcelanicos HDC, we have more than 20 collections of porcelain tiles for exteriors with an infinity of colors and textures. You can choose the style you want, there are no limits on our aesthetic 

10) Comprehensive aesthetics

There is nothing more satisfying than creating a unique place that feels completely integrated, calm and relaxed. For this, the combinations of porcelain tiles and all the options that it offers, will allow us to create our unique environment to enjoy. Porcelain tiles for swimming pools offers us a wide range of combinations which besides deciding the aesthetics of our pool, we can also combine it with the environment that surrounds it.

Porcelain tiles for swimming pools offers us a wide range of combinations which besides deciding the aesthetics of our pool, we can also combine it with the environment that surrounds it.

Let your imagination fly and create a unique pool.
Do you want to know more possibilities? Porcelanicos HDC has a wide range of collections inspired by these trendy materials.
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