Porcelain tiles: the best option for pubs, restaurants and coffee shop floors

We at Porcelánicos HDC offer a large selection of ceramic tile solutions for the restoration and catering world creating spaces full of style and design without giving up on the best technical innovations.

When we start a new Project for the restoration and catering business, we must mind a lot of details, being one of the most important ones our choice for covering walls and floors. Our recommendation for floors is porcelain tiles for several reasons:

  • Easy maintenance .One of the basic properties of pubs and coffee shop floors is their easy cleaning and maintenance so we can ensure a proper higiene, free of bacteria and microorganisms.
  • Tooughness and scratch resistance. One of our floors main feature is their thoughness and their great scratching resistance.
  • Versatility. Porcelain can be used for both walls and floors creating unique spaces. Besides, it is also ideal to decorate the bar counter or any special corner we want to highlight in our Project.
  • Durability. The durability of our floors has been tested thoroughly, being essential for the Project image to be maintained through time.
  • Indoor and outdoor. Our floors suitable for the restoration and catering business are apt for both indoor and outdoor flooring.

What kind of floor is recommended for a restaurant?

Our recomendation for restaurant floors is porcelain due to all the abovementioned features. From our collections, we would like to highlight the following ones:

  • Metrópoli has become one of the preferred collections for restaurants by our customers. Its design shows carácter and resisteance besides being an ideal profuct for both indoor and outdoor.
  • Wood warmth is a popular option in restaurant decoration. It’s natural beauty makes our space warmer and cozier. Our Secuoya collection is perfect as a restaurant or pub floor being both an aesthetical and a functional choice.
  • For a distinctive touch and creating a unique space in your restaurant, our collection Dolomite is the perfect choice

If you want to know more about our collections, please visit our web!

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