5 Ideas for a bright Bathroom with Porcelánicos HDC

Usually, the bathroom is the home space with less natural light since it is usually located in windowless spaces or with a reduced access to natural light. It is designed merely as a functional space despite being a place where we spend a noticeable amount of time daily and one in which we should feel relaxed. 

This is why at Porcelánicos HDC we want to share a few tricks to make your Bathroom a bright and cozy space.

Here you are some ideas to brighten your bathrooms.

1. How to manage light in a bathroom

First rule to follow if you want luminous bathrooms, especially those of small size or with reduced Access to natural light, is using white ceramic tiles for bathrooms as a main product from which, the rest of elements will be revolving around.

2. Use light colours or white tiles

White and blue tiles will be essential for your bright bathroom. These should create an environment aimed towards wellbeing and relaxed enjoyment. On that note, we can find white tiles with relieves and matt finish white tiles.

3. Bright and modern bathrooms

Top Materials: Wood and stone

To get a modern and personal style, these two Materials are a sure bet. Combine both in different áreas and use also white bumpy tiles for bathrooms. Stone always raises the standard plus they add naturality and sophisstication in equal measure. With woods, warmth is a given and you can play with the tonality based in the decorative style of your.

4.Gloss or matt white tiles for bathroom

Blessed choice! This is obviously a matter of personal taste. While gloss tiles are spectacular and add personality, matt ones bring serenity and an elegant touch.

We will achieve a bright Bathroom with either finish.

5. Small bright bathrooms

In order to gain space, halfway tiled bathrooms will grant a touch of color and contrast to the room. In this kind of bright Bathroom, our marble finish is highly advised.

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