Cement Effect Ceramic: Versatility, spaciousness and continuity

There is no doubt that cement-looking ceramics has become one of the great bets in design, because it is one of eclectic styles that has most success in decor magazines. The properties of cement along the great advantages of ceramic create urban, industrial, attractive and inspiring environments.

When talking about homes of today, smaller rooms or rooms with fewer useful meters come to mind, which is why it is necessary to look for materials that optimize space. And in this sense, cement-effect tiles provide a feeling of greater spaciousness and continuity, becoming the ideal solution for covering spaces.

The versatility of ceramic along with the properties of cement form a perfect symbiosis that provides the space with all those qualities that are valued and look for when choosing ceramic wall tiles or flooring materials.

But what are all these advantages of the concrete effect tiles we are talking about?

  1. They provide a sense of continuity and greater space
  2. They retain the traditional benefits of ceramic: hardness, endurance, durability, easy to clean and minimal maintenance.
  3. Quick and easy installation, especially on large format pieces.
  4. Very versatile material, in formats, finishes and colours.
  5. The cement-type tile creates a refined, smooth and elegant effect, ideal for environments that want to follow a minimalist aesthetic.

Cement effect tiles for interior

Cement is conceived as a timeless, elegant and balanced colour, its greyish colour favours the creation of calming living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, but also with lots of personality. For the living rooms, the placement of large rectified formats minimizes the visual impact of the joints, creating a sense of continuity among the environments.

In kitchen decor, cement is perfect for both walls and floors, by achieving a modern industrial look.

In bathrooms, cement-effect guarantees success due to its continuity, resistance, beauty and easy cleaning. While creating a clean and natural space.

Concrete effect tiles for outdoor use

In open spaces, where resistance to traffic and easy maintenance prevails, it is fundamental to choose a material that withstands all kinds of unforeseen issues. The properties of the cement looking tiles are a guaranty.

Industrial look will never go out of style, which makes it a great bet when designing a timeless and versatile home. Get to know Porcelanicos HDC’s collections of cement-effect ceramic. Its colours, textures, formats and finishes will give that touch of personality to your home.

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