Pro tips for choosing the best exterior cladding

At Porcelánicos HDC, we are committed to give an option for exterior cladding that remains unchanged over time, offering the best professional advice on which tiles to choose.

With summer’s arrival, terraces and outdoor spaces become the main areas of our houses. Choosing the best exterior coating for houses is essential, as depending on this our space will be comfortable as well as resistant and decorative.

What is exterior cladding?

When we talk about coating, we refer to the material that adheres to a wall in order to protect or decorate it, being found as an exterior or interior coating. That is why the material we choose to cover our walls and facades must be resistant and durable over time.

What are the exterior wall cladding types?

We can place exterior wall tiles in multiple places in our home, choosing different formats or textures depending on the aesthetic effect we hope to achieve in our space.

Exterior wall cladding

One of the most frequent uses for ceramic tile is for covering the exterior wall of the house, by placing tiles on the facade, thus achieving the protection of the building structure while being a decorative element.

Garden wall cladding

The exterior finish of our houses also includes our gardens, offering the possibility of creating spaces full of nature and light, combining our exterior ceramic tiles with plants.

But what is the best exterior cladding?

There are several possibilities on the market from which to choose our house coverings, each one of them has their own pros and cons. However, ceramic is one of the best options that we find due to all its technical qualities and its high resistance. Additionally, Ceramic tiles offer a wide range of aesthetic possibilities for our projects.

What material is best for exterior walls?

The best and most resistant material to use as a finish for exterior walls is porcelain, due to its excellent characteristics. Among which stand out its easy cleaning, water and frost resistance and chemical products resistance.

We can find this material in multiple finishes, below we leave a series of ideas for covering exterior walls:

Stone imitation exterior cladding for terraces

Natural stone imitation is undoubtedly one of the most popular exterior covering, as stone walls are a trend this 2024.

Concrete effect exterior wall cladding

Cement effect is timeless style, which creates industrial finish. Cement tiles versatility manage to combine strength with beauty, allowing spaces to have the sobriety of an industrial style.

Terrace exterior wall cladding with wood imitation tiles

Natural materials are a highly demanded option, as with its uses we can achieve environments that are comfortable and full of life.

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