Porcelánicos HDC takes a step forward in renewable energy

At Porcelánicos HDC we are concerned about environment care and preservation, we have a strong commitment and constantly seek respectful solutions which improve not only people’s lives, but also the planet’s biodiversity. It is a complex balance, but not impossible, since it is about aligning production methods with the real needs of society, in this way making our products more sustainable every day.

It is due to this that one of our latest advances is the commissioning of self-consumption photovoltaic energy facilities with zero discharge as the main alternative to conventional energies and as a key element in the energy transition of energy consumption. Promoting self-consumption will allow us to reduce our carbon footprint, in addition to making it easier for us to be more competitive.
Renewable energy sources have unquestionable advantages from the environmental point of view, since they allow to improve the degree of self-sufficiency, mitigating energy dependence on the outside. They are also an advantage from a business perspective, since they have a high potential for creating highly qualified jobs for the design, construction and maintenance of harnessing facilities.

To commission the installation of electrical energy using self-consumption photovoltaic technology with zero discharge, we have opted for a Castellón-based company with which we share the objective of preserving the environment and improving the quality of life.

The photovoltaic plant has a peak installed power of 540 kWp and is made up of 1,000 540 Wp modules. The plates have been placed on the roof of the existing industrial building in a coplanar way to it and connected to the internal network, occupying a total area of 3,204.97 m. With the commissioning of the facility, there will be an annual saving of 176.25 tons of CO2, emissions which are pollutants for the atmosphere.

From Porcelánicos HDC, with this advance, we intend to minimize the impact our activity has on the environment, an essential change in the ceramic sector which is aligned with our corporate social responsibility commitments.

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