Coverings 2024: tiles and natural stone fair

Coverings 2024 opened its doors on last Monday 22 April in Atlanta to welcome thousands of visitors from all corners of the world, an event Porcelánicos HDC could not miss. The fair is considered a world reference in the tile and natural stone sector; its annual basis makes it one of the most anticipated events of the year. 

What is Coverings? 

Coverings is the most important exhibition for the ceramic tile and natural stone business in North America. Visited every year by thousands of people to discover new products, new suppliers, and everything related to tile and natural stone. 

What does Coverings offer? 

At Coverings, you can find all the solutions you need for ceramic tiles and natural stone, as it is one of the most important ceramic events in the sector, offering a wide range of tiles and stones for any project, always keeping you up to date with the latest trends. 

Who is coverings addressed to? 

The Coverings fair is aimed at both professionals and individuals. The fair offers the possibility of expanding the business to the professionals in the ceramic tile sector, by allowing them to find all the products and solutions necessary for their clients. 

Porcelánicos HDC in Coverings

Porcelánicos HDC returns from Coverings with the satisfaction of having taken advantage of the showcase which is the most important ceramic fair in the United States to consolidate the importance of North America as a strategic market.  

In Porcelánicos HDC’s stand, visitors could see and discover the great variety offered by our company, a wide range from avant-garde styles to the most classical ones, all of them combining design, imagination and functionality.  

Some of the most outstanding novelties at Coverings 2024 were: 


Argile is born from the most authentic craftsmanship tradition, where the warmth and welcoming sensation of its surface merge with an elegant and inspiring design. 


The eternal beauty of travertine, a timeless design that reproduces delicate movements creating intense nuances. 

Elements 389

The Elements collection reflects the essence of stone through its 3D surface with iridescent features. 


Every detail of the Legno collection captures the lightness and timelessness of wood. Its warm tones bring comfort and tranquillity to the space. 

Therefore, with your attendance, Porcelánicos HDC cements one more year the quality and design of its collections plus also advancing the inspirations and trends for the upcoming 2025. 

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