Porcelánicos HDC expands its photovoltaic solar Project

At Porcelánicos HDC, we are committed to the sustainable development of our entire production process, incorporating improvements that reduce the environmental impact to meet all the required environmental parameters, betting on an industry model with low CO2 emissions.

This is why we continue to improve our manufacturing system through investment and innovation, designing and executing the expansion of our photovoltaic plant, which will help reduce energy use in all the company’s energy processes.

What is the new Photovoltaic Installation about?

The new photovoltaic installation will take advantage of the surface of the roof of our logistics center to locate the solar panels, which will collect the solar irradiation of the area, thus taking advantage of one of our greatest competitive advantages, and it is that we have one of the areas with more hours solar throughout Europe. With this new installation, we will produce 761.67 MWh per year to a total of 1,438.7 MWh.

Our brand takes a step forward

This energy saving is linked to Porcelánicos HDC’s commitment to protecting the environment, and thanks to this we will be able to reduce our carbon footprint by 323.92 tons of CO2 per year, producing an amount of 1,438.7 MWh per year, which would be equivalent to planting 484 trees to achieve an equivalent environmental effect.
The installation has been carried out by the company Elektrosol, a leading company in the photovoltaic solar energy sector, developing large-format rooftop self-consumption projects.

HDC porcelain tiles, a sustainable choice

Self-consumption, together with other energy efficiency initiatives, represents the consolidation of our position in the sector, increasing the value of our production in environmental terms, always thinking of our client, who will know that by choosing us they will be choosing a supplier committed to sustainability and the environment.

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