Nordic walls and floors for your home

Nordic style decoration is an interior design trend born mainly in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

It is a style based in functionality as main premise, combining simplicity and clean shapes, while at same time brings warmth and light to spaces.

In this article we are going to see which kind of nordic wall and floor to choose on your home to get unique spaces. Stay with us and find out!

Have you given any thought to which style looks better on your living room?

In nordic countries, the living room is the home main hub so it is one of the warmest rooms in a house. In order to achieve this warmth, choosing an appropriate floor is key, priming natural textures and, particularly, wooden looking tiles, are the best choice for that nordic and warm touch we are looking for.

Vintage nordic living rooms

Nordic Vintage living romos mix natural textures and furniture with a “retro” look which add contrast and add protagonism to our living room.

The nordic floor to better suit this kind of look are hydraulic style tiles, which will bring a vintage touch to our room.

Industrial nordic living room

This kind of look is caracterized by  the contrast of light / White wall tiles combined with strong dark coloured floors, giving our living room strength and personality.

We propose our Industry series forthis kind of look.

Minimalist nordic living room

In order to get this look in your living room, it is crucial that you reduce your furniture and interior decoration to a mínimum so you achieve an armonic and tidy visual effect. Our wide range of white floors will be the best choice, bringing luminosity and a natural touch, which are the main premises of the nordic style.

Nordic style kitchen

A well iluminated space with predominant neutral tonalities is perfect for our nordic style kitchen In order to achieve said effect, here you are the must haves on any modern nordic looking kitchen.

White and wood nordic kitchen

Wood is the quintaessential natural material, bringing warmth and generating homely environments. With our wide option of wooden looking tiles, we can achieve that natural look we wish..

Nordic industrial kitchen

In the industrial nordic look for kitchens, metal is key on the final design, allowing us to tile the kitchen with semipolished metallic finish tiles which will give us a modern and strong industrial nordic looking kitchen. 

Nordic tiles for your bathroom

Simplicity and minimalism are the main features of nordic style bathrooms, being monochromatism the key for modern minimalistic environments

Size is basic in the wall and floor tiles we choose , being one of the most popular the large format tiles that will add versatility and personality to our bathroom. 

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