Discover Porcelain HDC's new large-format ceramic step perfect for any interior or exterior project.

The large-format ceramic step has become an essential element in the world of architecture and construction, allowing for aesthetic integration into any project.

Both architects and interior designers have increased their technical and aesthetic demands when choosing materials for their new projects. They require designs that are harmonious and integrated, in addition to meeting special technical characteristics for the intended use, such as high slip resistance, impermeability, and excellent durability.

Hence, the idea of creating this product line capable of meeting these needs was born. Below, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about our new ceramic steps.

Types of ceramic steps

Among the many benefits provided by the installation of ceramic steps is the solution they offer for attractive elevation changes in staircases, drip edges, or pool edges through graphic continuity. Within our extensive range of Porcelain steps, there are various formats, each with different uses and advantages. With the new large-format 33×120 ceramic step, we offer a technical solution to reduce the presence of joints and achieve a visually more homogeneous finish.

Ceramic steps for indoor and outdoor use

  1. Steps for indoor staircases are an important part of architecture, connecting access between different floors. Our range of ceramic steps meets the technical and aesthetic needs within the project’s walls.
  2. Steps for outdoor staircases must meet special technical and safety specifications to prevent accidents, while also contributing to a unified design in the space.
  3. Steps for pools are among the most important elements in pool construction. Opting for high-resistance, anti-slip, waterproof, easy-to-clean ceramic steps is essential for aesthetic continuity and safety.
  4. Exterior or interior drip edges for use in windows, cantilevers, ledges, and as upper finishes for partition walls. With our ceramic steps, we provide professional solutions to contemporary architecture.

If you want to discover our full range of ceramic steps, visit our website and explore their finishes and qualities!

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