How to choose the best colour for porcelain swimming pools water?

This is one of the most common questions among our customers, choosing the color of the water for the swimming pool.We at Porcelánicos HDC have a wide range of designs and shades that will affect the appearance and the color of the wáter in your swimming pool

How to choose the best colour for my swimming pool’s water

In order to choose the color of your swimming pool’s wáter, first you need to know that pure wáter is transparent but, whuy do we see sea and swimming pool wáter in blue color?

Said color is due to Rayleigh scattering which postulates that wáter abosrbs more easily colours with a long wavelength, such as red, orange or yellow while it does not absorsb shorter wavelength colours, such as violet or blue hence, said shorter wavelengths bounce from the water surface and therefore are caught by our sight, hence those wonderful blue shades. Said effect augments with the amount of wáter, as explained on our technical solutions catalogue. 

In this article we show the effect of the porcelain covering color in the wáter and therefore, be able to customize those blue shades we all like so much.

How to change the colour of the water in my swimming pool with porcelain tiles

We are going to show you how to customize your swimming pool wáter shades with our wide range of options:

1.- Light Shades: White swimming pool tile

Light shades grant maximum water transparency and a caribbean air to your swimming pool.

2.- Exotic colours: Modern swimming pools

Our tile Riviera Nature, inspired in a South West Asia stone, will create a colour for modern and exotic swimming pools.

3.- Grey shades: Grey porcelain swimming pools

These remind us of the classic sea water coloured swimming pool. Ideal for any kind of Project.

4.- Sand colours: Mediterranean swimming pools

To achieve the warmth and ssence of the mediterranean style you can use our collections in sand colours to have a turquoise shade in your swimming pool.

5.- Black shades: Elegant swimming pools

For an elegant and modern swimming pool, black and dark colours are your best choice.

If you want to know more about all the available porcelain coverings for your swimming pool, we iinvite you peruse our collection. Do not miss them!

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