A glossy or matt kitchen? At Porcelanicos HDC we help you choose

Designing a new kitchen involves many decisions, such as choosing the finish for the surfaces of the floors and walls, from which arises one of the most common questions: Glossy or matt kitchen? 

At Porcelanicos HDC we advise you so you can choose between glossy or matt tiles for your kitchen, although the choice depends entirely on the client’s taste and there are some objective elements which may contribute to your decision. 

What is better glossy or matte porcelain for the kitchen?

Really, there is not a better or a worse option when choosing a glossy or matt kitchen, because although there are notable aesthetic differences in each of the two finishes which should be taken into account depending on the result you want to achieve, both fulfill the strict international construction quality regulations. 

Glossy kitchen

The glossy finish is undoubtedly more spectacular. The elegance it brings to space and light is undeniable. For this reason, a kitchen with glossy tiles will give our home a touch of modernity. 

If you have a small space with little natural light, we recommend choosing glossy white for your kitchen, as it provides a feeling of greater spaciousness and clarity to our project. 

Matt Kitchen

Matt kitchens, unlike the gloss finish, will give your kitchen a touch of serenity and discretion, transmitting a feeling of warmth to the room. 

The main advantage of this type of kitchen is it requires less maintenance and is perfect for Nordic or industrial style kitchens, combining matt white tiles with wood or cement. 

Ocean Collection

Which one is easier to clean, matt or glossy? 

Depending on whether the kitchen is glossy or matte, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages in terms of cleaning. Here we tell you each of them! 

Cleaning on glossy surfaces is simpler and easier thanks to its smooth finish, although it also has the disadvantage that any small trace of dirt will be more visible. 

On the other hand, matt surfaces get much less dirty than glossy ones, freeing us from daily maintenance, although it must be taken into account these types of surfaces can be a little more difficult to clean compared to glossy ones. 

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Therefore, there is no correct option between glossy or matt kitchen, it is a choice which will depend on the style and functionality you want to for each project. At Porcelanicos HDC we show you a wide catalogue of possibilities for your kitchen, perfect for you! 

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