Quality and environment policy

Care of the environment

At Porcelanicos HDC, we care about the care of the environment and the preservation of the environment.

Since our beginnings, our company environmental commitment has been a priority, directing our efforts to improve production systems we minimize environmental impact and make our products more sustainable every day.

The company has a wastewater recovery system for our suppliers. Also, contributes to the fight against deforestation by introducing the Euro Pallet and also having containers for the collection of cardboard, paper, plastic, etc.

Along this lines, CO2 emissions are reduced by making a significant economic effort both in kilns and driers, to reuse combustion gases, in addition to the replacement of the furnace burner lines to procure less gas consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

We at Porcelanicos HDC guarantee a correct management of polluting waste, done by an authorized agent for its treatment.

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Declaración ambiental de producto - Porcelánicos HDC

Declaración ambiental de producto (DAP)

Porcelánicos HDC, ensures a strict compliance with the life cycle of all its products.

True to our corporate environmental responsibility, we prove through an environmental product declaration (EPD), that our products, based on life cycle information, are respectful to the environment, in accordance with the international standard ISO 14025 that defines the necessary requirements. All this is verified by AENOR.