Elegance and design in hotels

The design of a hotel should take into account both its aesthetics and the selection of suitable materials to create a welcoming and comfortable space for guests, as well as easy maintenance for hotel staff. 

Ceramic is one of the preferred solutions for the hotel industry, due to its versatility, aesthetics, and durability. It becomes an ideal choice for a hotel’s flooring, as a material with high technical performance is needed to withstand the high traffic that occurs in a hotel throughout the day. 

Here are some benefits and aesthetic tips that ceramic brings to achieve a perfect atmosphere in your hotel. 

Hotel receptions with ceramic

The hotel reception requires the creation of impactful graphics as it is the first point of contact with the guest. Therefore, the choice of materials and colors is of great importance. 

The durability and resistance of ceramic make it a perfect option for hotel flooring, adapting to this high-demand space where a slip-resistant floor is also needed. 

Decoration styles in hotel bedrooms

The design of hotel bedrooms is crucial to promote guest comfort. Let’s explore some styles: 

  • Mediterranean style characterized by the use of whites, blues, nautical elements, and wood. 
  • Boho decoration style, known for mixing different colors and elements such as fabrics. 
  • Rustic decoration style primarily represented by the use of greens and other natural elements. 
  • Minimalist style that contributes to the user’s escape and relaxation. 

Flooring and wall coverings for hotel bathrooms

Bathrooms in a hotel are fundamental in determining the guest’s experience. Their style will be influenced by the bedroom’s ambiance, but we must not forget to choose materials with low porosity and high resistance. 

Comfort Collection, an elegant bathroom that invites you to relax and disconnect.

Porcelanicos HDC ceramic is a perfect choice for the hotel industry, offering multiple technical and aesthetic solutions in any project. If you want to discover the latest trends and innovations in ceramic flooring and wall coverings for the hotel world, visit our website and don’t miss out! 

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