Different kinds of tiles for swimming pools

If you are thinking about building or refurbishing your swimming pool to fully enjoy the summer outdoors, we at Porcelánicos will tell you about the latest trends in swimming pool tile coverings to give your home a touch of elegant design.

Therefore, regardless of the decoration style you are after, there is no doubt that choosing ceramic tiles for your swwimming pool is one of the best available options in the market because of its multiple advantages:

  • It is an optimal material for a full aesthetic integration.
  • Wide choice in colours and textures to choose from
  • 100% slippery safe and extreme weather resistant.
  • Hygienical product and resistant to bacteria.
  • Stain and chemical resistant. 
  • Totally recyclable.

Natural inspiration swimming pool covering

There is currently in vogue trend which aims to create perfectly harmonized spaces blending in the home natural environment. We are now forgetting about the traditional blue swimming pools opning different possibilities to integrate our home with the surrounding environment. It is because of that, that tiles are the perfect choice for said style swimming pools.

Dressing your swimming pool with dark shades

Dark shades for swimming pool covering will still be trending during this year, bringing depth, intensity and an elegant sobriety

Small swimming pool trend

Nowadays the number of small outdoor Project keeps growing because of the value they acquired during the pandemic. We realized that it is not really necessary having a very big terrace to build a small swimming pool which we can customize with the latest in swimming pool coverings. 

Technology and research make ceramic tiles able to adapt to any architectural challenge. It is because of that that, if you are thinking about building or refurbishing your swimming pool, we invite you to get inspiration through al outdoor projects worldwide made with our tiles La investigación y la tecnología permiten que los azulejos cerámicos puedan ya adaptarse a cualquier desafío arquitectónico. Es por ello que si estás pensando en reformar o construir tu piscina, te invitamos a inspirarte con todos nuestros realizados con nuestras colecciones.

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