The versatility and beauty of ceramic surfaces allow you to design spaces with high technical performance that can adapt to any style you choose for your home.  

Bedrooms are no exception, and decorating and planning this space is something that deserves careful attention since it’s a place where we spend a significant amount of our time.   

Colección Arcalis

When designing this space, we must consider some preliminary steps, including selecting the best tiles for your bedroom. There are various finishes and formats that will allow you to give your bedroom the style and decoration you’re looking for. Below are some suggestions. 

Tiles for modern bedrooms

Wood effect tiles for bedroom walls

Using wood-effect tiles to cover your bedroom will bring warmth and a distinctive touch, creating incredibly cozy environments, ideal if you’re aiming for a natural decorative style.  

Stone effect tiles for bedrooms

Among the modern tiles for bedroom walls that you can choose from are stone-effect tiles, which will infuse your space with personality, creating a spectacular effect that will leave no one indifferent.  

Vibrant colors in bedroom tiles

One of the latest trends in bedroom decoration is undoubtedly the use of vibrant colors and predominant patterns, adaptable to any style and need, perfect even for designing dreamy juvenile bedrooms.  

Fantasy Collection

These are some proposals and ideas that you can incorporate into the decoration of your bedroom, aiming to create a comfortable space that reflects your personal style above all. Discover all our collections to adorn your rest area in our 2023 General Catalog.  

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