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Who we are

Porcelánicos HDC, S.A. is a Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of ceramic floor and wall tiles, in order to offer a natural product for the different architectural solutions in which it is used.
Founded on December 27, 1999. It has an area of ​​134.701 sqm, of which 26.433 sqm are built.
Quiénes Somos
Quiénes Somos
Azulejos cerámicos con ADN - Porcelánicos HDC

Product DNA

Technological innovation, product research and passion for design is our DNA. For more than twenty years we have translated the taste and quality of the “Tile of Spain” in international markets.

Ceramic tiles are a natural product, which has been used for centuries. An ancient material made with processes that have achieved excellent results through research and technology.

Raw material

Water, clay, quartz and minerals cooked at elevated temperatures. This is the original structure of each ceramic product, which has a wide scope of application, through a certified production process. This process determines the excellence and quality of each collection. Therefore, the end result is a product of high quality standards.
Nuestras materias primas - Porcelánicos HDC
Nuestras materias primas