The best decorative styles for terrace floors

With the arrival of good weather, outdoors become the main speces where we spend a big part of our time therefore, selecting the best floor for terraces is a must if you wnat to get the mosto ut of them. 

We at Porcelánicos HDC offer you the best proposals in decorative styles for terrace floors.

Simplicity. mediterranean style terraces

The unmistakable mediterranean style is born from the essence of the sea and of the nature, looking for natural decorative materials. Outdoor terrace floors that adapt the most to this style are warm and luminous stone finishes, such as our Chateau collection. 

Simplicity: minimalistic terraces

Simplicity is the adjective that better describes this style since, we are looking to create relaxed environments with a neutral decoration. Porcelain floor for outdoor terraces must also follow that trend, opting for light colours Our Lorden collection in its anti-slip finish is a great example.

Serenity: nordic style terrace floors

Nature is the main feature of this style, being the natural elemnts its main components. Also, white is the main choice for interior designers and architects when it comes to choosing the porcelain floors for Nordic Style terraces, always looking for simplicity. Our collection Riviera  is one of our proposals. 

Nature at its purest: tropical style terraces

Tropical style is very natural. On this style, wooden finish floors will be oir best proposal. These wood inspired ceramic tile collections such as our collection Dry Guayaba will give yourspace a tropical look.

Therefore, if you are thinking about chaning your terrace floor and you do not know which floor tile to choose, check all our collections and follow our tips for an extraordinary result.

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