Latest trends in ceramics 2022

Ceramic trends have been evolving and changing over the years and experiencing great changes that go on year after year.
When we talk about changes, we mean to technical updates which offer us the possibility of making increasingly larger formats, while we introducing of printing technology, with which we can improve color and definition of ceramic tile graphics.

Trends in ceramics in interior design

1) Wood and cement

Spaces mix porcelain floor and wall tiles are now a global trend interior design, while seeking a minimalist aesthetic, where the tile is capable of transmitting warmth and purity.

2) Neutral materials

The introduction of new technologies in the ceramic tile sector enables to reproduce all kinds of materials with great fidelity, both wood-effect ceramic floors, marble and stone-effect ceramics, all of which inspire our Terranova collection.

3) Reliefs and textures

Reliefs and textures have make a grand entrance among the trends in world of ceramic tile with great relevance and which inspire new series such as our Alejandría collection.

4) Imitation metal

Imitation metal is, without a doubt, the collections that have been most successful this year, positioning itself as an inspiration for great architects and designers, due to its innovative design that creates spaces where modern ceramics prevail, from which our Industry collection in the color Oxide.

5) The large format

The large format is a ceramic trend that get bigger year after year, as it achieves porcelain flooring that provides continuity and visually open spaces, appearing a lot bigger which makes this one of the greatest outdoor flooring trends. At Porcelánicos HDC we have large formats of up to 90x90cm in some of our collections such as Evolution.

Color trends in ceramics

1) Natural colors

This trend, where ceramic wall and floor tiles bring us closer to nature, with a more natural and earthy color range, predominantly earthy tones, stone grays, tinted neutrals, and even greens that evoke nature. At Porcelánicos HDC we are committed to ceramic tiles that bring us closer to nature, such as our Riviera collection, inspired by a stone native to Southeast Asia, where nature and exoticism merge.

2) Soft Colors

This trend combines simplicity and calm, transmitting well-being and tranquillity in our spaces, choosing a color palette in soft tones such as cloudy whites, to warm neutrals or even beiges and taupe tones, create a relaxing aesthetic in ceramic tiles. Our Micenas collection becomes a key collection for this trend.

3) Non-colors

In this trend, the ceramic tiles colors black and dark tones, combined with white, create ceramic imitation black marble, which is the result of luxury and sophistication, adding a touch of distinction to our spaces, boldness, brightness, color games and metallic effects. We find in our Diamond collection, the perfect example of this latest trend, with a glossy finish, providing a plus of elegance to our spaces.

Do you want to know more about the latest trends in ceramics? Porcelánicos HDC has a wide range of collections inspired by the latest trends.

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